Hebei Shengtian Group Reaguan Pipeline Co.,Ltd is a factory that specialized in producing and wholesale seamless steel pipes. The factory is located in Cangzhou city Hebei province China,near Tianjin port only 100 kilometers.

  The main production equipments of our factory include: a 180 automatic pipe rolling line, 4 sets of hot rolling-piercing mills, 16 interactive double-rod cold-drawing machines and a number of automatic rotary pointer, straightening machines, water-free annealing furnaces and auxiliary production equipments for surface acid picking and coating etc. Its physical and chemical lab can conduct various physical and chemical tests and experiments for steel pipes, and the mainly testing equipments there have eddy current flaw detectors, leakage fault detection and ultrasonic crack detectors spectrum analyzer etc. Detection equipments is complete, which can meet the requirements of steel pipe standard tests, capable to meet various standard test and inspection requirements for steel pipes.MORE


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